Piękna rozmowa między światłem, cieniem i ciemnością. Dwa światy i miedza cienia.


Absolutely breath-taking photographs. I have never seen so many beautiful landscape photographs by one photographer. May you continue to give the world pleasure with your art for a long time. You deserve success.


I love your work, very inspiring. Congratulations on your new website my friend :-)


I love your photo collection. very nice..it expresses who you are the way in every click in your camera…lovely photos produce and it shows how good you are in your profession…keep up the good work…i love it really. God bless you more…


Without a doubt Grzegorz, you are one of my most inspirational photographers!. It doesn’t hurt either that you are a great guy too. The website is dripping with pure excellence which doesn’t surprise me one bit. This was the easiest bookmark decision I’ve ever made. Best of luck my friend!


Only the one word for your work, and your site. Beautiful! Thank you for sharing :)


Very nice site indeed! Good luck!


Pieknie! Bellisimo, la Bel, Bonito, Beautiful! Your site flows very well and I love that added map. When I do visit Scotland, I will be sure to look at your recommendations. Keep up the great work and thank you for sharing!


Pięknie! Po remoncie na pewno któreś z tych zdjęć znajdzie się na mojej ścianie ;) Jeśli pozwolisz :)

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